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Shipping & Returns

1. Delivery time:
All items will be delivered immediately upon receipt of payment, if available. Otherwise, the delivery time is usually up to 7 working days. If there are no items in a short period of time, we will notify you by email as long as we have your estimated time of delivery address. Some items take longer to deliver (for example, custom items). We are unable to obtain a claim for damages from us due to delays in delivery, such as due to force majeure, traffic disruptions, senior orders and other events we are not responsible for.

2. Packaging and shipping costs:
These costs depend on the type of item and place of delivery, and can be displayed from the shopping cart. If the actual cost differs from the store's details, we will notify you by email. In this case, the buyer can withdraw from the sales contract.

When paying in advance, you will receive the exact billing information we sent. So, please enter your email address and / or your phone number in the order so we can contact you. Please indicate your name and invoice number at the time of remittance for the purpose of use, so that we can assign your payment receipt to the order. Payment by invoice can only be done through longer business relationships. Until the full payment, the delivery of the goods is still our property. The invoice is paid immediately upon receipt and may not be deducted. If you exceed the agreed payment deadline, we must charge for dunning and processing.